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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Film about someone falling in love with an art work, they can not afford.

Wells Tao I live make work with the way that art works that are alive, that need looking after, that are not vacume packed into commodity undead zombie exchanges of value. I see that in your work too, and i applaud.

Wells Tao
Wells Tao My work is so alive, it dies.
Wells Tao
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Erica Duthie
Erica Duthie Thanks Tao! Had a odd experience there a woman approached me and asked to buy our 11metres high drawing. I explained we destroyed our work and that we made it as a process - weird place where people have walls that big classic oddness she acted like I was mad imagining anything was for sale...
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Wells Tao
Wells Tao I would take a photo nail it to a stick, rub some dirt on it and offer it to her for a thousand dollars. Confident I've destroyed the lust for possession, but fed the moment of our meeting, kissing each other good by, with dirty kisses.

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