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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Metiria Turei Won the Election for Labour/ Green / NZ First coalition.

Metiria Turei Won the Election for Labour/ Green / NZ First coalition.

By contrasting her honesty with the state of play, by drawing attention to the idea of honesty, she and she alone was able to re paint the perpetual backdrop of doom and gloom that the some rely on so heavily to insure that fear votes them in.

Instead, she interrupted the mainstream’s hypnosis with an incredible message, one that despite themselves, despite the way they are structured and who owns them, was sent. Her message decoded and interrupted the relevance of the War on Terror and every two bit drama distraction being piped as relevant news (what about our daily terror on this kitchen this food source some are poisoning! How about an update from those front lines! And the brave there, hiding against the shot, cause forgotten by the rest, Where are we?). 

This dribble was seen as it was and it’s not like it discontinued to flow, only the filter had changed on them, the message receiving devices were for a second, not seen as forget lords to serve, but as tools intending use.

That use was highlighted by Turei, she gave us all a breather, and in that breather we recovered. We recovered the point. Incredible politics. The day a true radical is so connected to her community that the message is received at all echelons, all strata all levels, groups of society. This is the message that’s impt. to me.

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