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Friday, December 8, 2017

theory just like religion. Faith fuels speculation, not facts.

There's so much of this list that is bullshit, and twisted, for convenience. But it's still a great list overall. The way it compresses enemies into a snap shot of the argument that mostly remains separated, divided and the bigger picture ignored. I guess my main complaint with this list is the absence of " Scientists are capitalists" or something to that idea, like who isn't? Seems to me a massive omission, a huge indicator of what is the real threat in the room. This room. The word that refuses to get more sexy the more I say it, Capitalism. Nothing about it is attractive, except that it got us here, ok respect. Now let's move the fuck on. Include and confess the fact that you are a capitalist, or have the will to become something else. I've declared my economy a Cuco-op, a Civil Union Co- op with my partner Laura Wells. We use consensus decision making on important issues and share the wealth that we make together equally, Her money, my time traded to raise kids, live together under one roof. We spend our profit promoting our economic status and the values attached to that, to differentiate our selves in the market place, to make an important distinction about the supporting infrastructure behind our products and those of a capitalist, that never advertises the label of their economy. As the organic avocado is warrant to say, my difference is you pay for not damaging the ecology economy that this was grown in. That's good taste.
This is a sales pitch. Civil Union Co-op's have great taste. And they accept everyone. Doing business to compete and beat capitalist's capitalism with a better product. Leave it behind. Join us, transform the invisible yet, what all ready is, your relationships economic status, into a conscious tool of evolution, now. You still have that power, despite everyone saying that you don't, despite you not even knowing that this was an issue till 5 minutes ago. Stop waiting for a academic priest of the numbered religions, sexism, racism, etc etc, to render real a new post capitalist utopia, stop waiting, there's no wait. There is the will or not the will to do the work. The work of being a co-op. A co-op is not capitalist.

More to come on Cuco-op's.
Marriage co-op's
and De facto co-op's
Fonterra's a co-op. But again I'd have to draw the line, I think it's clear that they are wishing that their slogan "Dairy for life" didn't now suggest New Zealand as condemned person with a prison sentence, that their afraid will make a death sentence seem attractive (cue theater backdrop of apocalyptic terror war PR NEWS Hypnosis's of the "masses"). As we watch the "too late, too little" brigade reluctantly go spray some fuzz on cow shit encrusted eyeballs. Nothing slows down their capitalist profiteering. So clearly, here the title Co-op has been co-opted. But that is to be expected. We've got the numbers, now let's take it over.

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