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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pink writes a catchy tune, and was one of the extreme few who wrote about the Emperor Bush's no clothes... however she sure does sing a lot about not giving a shit, meaning she stuck giving a shit.. give me the Slits any day...

3 Jun:11 am
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unattractive piss take dances vs not giving a fuck in a cool mainstream sort of way. Pink is in a sense less naked then then the skins because she uses marketing strategies that are working to sell albums. The skins are honest artists and make honest music. They are naked, in their genuineness of making a point, which is that they don't give a fuck because their music is incompatible with the mainstream taste. In that sense I think its superior to the Britney clan as it is being antithetical toward being a product of perfect marketing. Pink is also hiding under a protective blanket of marketing but should that detract merit from her muisic? If it does then that would make many exceptional composers and bands from the golden days like the beetles, gunns 'n roses, David bowie, credence clearwater revival, the eagles, Elvis, johnny cash etc of lesser standard too because they were making money, and bob dylan and perhaps the doors the only good composers, because they were being real. I don't think so, if anything good music compatible with mainstream taste is more of a paradox statement and therefore allowed to be equally if not more entertaining to listen to. It is the artists driven by mainstream taste that don't go the distance... but then theres always madonna...

3 Jun:18 am
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I couldn't tell you if and who made money, there's aways a way to make money, I was intereseted in who was going hard core, what that looked like, in that who were they pissing off... the three graces are really the devil sporn for most parents of young teenage girls.. totally feared... llike witches they have been publically trialed and tried again.. yet for me they have a status that is unlike Pink or any of the Pussy Cat Dolls for example, the three graces are Just HArd core.. in a NEw Feminnine BRat Pack kind of way... I like the new qualities they have brought to the mainstream... they to me are a trio of shining lights in a sea of dead ...

3 Jun 2009 1:48 pm
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looking back again, it seems that the big players that were being 'hard core' were more or less aware of what it was they were being hardcore at and who they were pissing off. like you say these girls are being 'Just HArd core', and the way that they are being horny isn't very deep or interesting. Like their previous contemporaries their music is like the floaters in their own pool of misery. But in this case the pool is shallow and the floaters don't sink deep enough, and the brats will remain there scavenging off this current 'tween age' audience, or the 'sea of the dead' that supports them. The tween age has really become a culture in itself, prahaps the parasite undermining the way talent is supported in todays music industry. We all start out innocent, but what we transform into depends on how the culture that surrounds us is driven. These girls are the product of todays culture, a culture which is very different from the one that acomdated for the more talented products of the music industry a while back. Why this has happened beats me.

3 Jun 2009 3:07 pm
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yeah, but I think I am saying that in this age of tween, shwoing your mick is hardcore as it was during the punk rebellion, both are differnt for differnt reasons, but both want to strike through to some core, something indeed hardcore that will glitter against the lights with a new glare, of truth..

the fact that these woma are described as products of a culture, rather than individual talents again while attempting to be critical, misses perhaps what is being achieved, that while Brittney is as manifactured as Michale Jackson, her on going inhouse rebelion against her father is an incredible story or anti patriarchy... as goes Paris for the House of Hilton, or Lohan and the code of innocence..

these people are artists and their achievements need to be seen in the cold light of not just their gloss, which is standard issue for this form, but for the leakage and cultural critique of a Silicon tower bigger than anyone knows what to do with let alone, control.

They have had every cultural form of control thrown at them.. but dieing from overdoses in mysterious circumstances they have eluded, as if the system was affraid to make them the Martyrs of Jim and etc.. . ..

These woman are great becuase they are powerful artists that are challenging the mainstream,
for me it's like as if Manet had released a pop song...

and if you are bothered by the question of intent.. consider the fact that you may be still playing with the deck of cards ending in Duchamp, which we all know is called "the end game' you can play that one infintiely as we all can see, but for the few that are atuned to what is new.. who see the Warhol and the Beuys blown holes in late capitlaist art production... then..

5 Jun 2009 6:45 pm
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Duchamp said 'The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.'
If the Tween age culture is a part of this external world, who then are the spectators...?
... yes I think I do see your point, indeed its the mums and dads that are doing the deciphering and interpreting, and ironically have created the contributions aswell.

6 Jun 2009 7:05 pm
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Oh Perfect Quote Apple8nothing, reading from the book of Duchamp illustrates perfectly how these mega popsters are the true kings of the mini go round of Art's played out status and it's continued playing out of, a story whose destination is known before hand.

7 Jun 2009 2:21 pm
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Rebellion, anti patriarchy, manufactured
I guess their art could also be viewed in a Duchampian perspective, as to nullify an objects functionality is creating art. By excessive crotch flashing they essentially desensitize its nature as a rejection towards a world dictated by marketing.

In that light their rebellion against the mainstream could also be seen as their demand their twat as their statement 'this is art'. You are right, in me calling them a mere product of culture I did miss what their music potentially achieves. Duchamp’s concept was also missed completely, by pushing his fountain into the mainstream, and art bureaucracy. It killed whatever revolutionary claim fountain once possessed.

But interestingly by the brat pack pushing their micks into the mainstream, they could potentially be reinventing this idea. All they(or someone) need to do now is introduce humor to make the spectators ’love’ their twat.

And then the question is what next? who’s going to add value to their music, who will piss on their fake fountain.

nevertheless i am still pretty certain that Britney, Paris etc, aren't waiting for a response to the potential questions they have posed, or are at all aware that they have posed them in the first place. Their music isn't revolutionary in that sense, or its own sense until someone responds appropiately.

11 Jun 2009 1:06 pm
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Love Their Twat

very good, to me it has happened, idiot on the grand scale of the way great things seem to happen these days... 9/11 etc... Pop media is a classical in structure.. take a look at this from Eminem

"See what hurts me the most is that you won't admit you was wrong.
Bitch, do ya song, keep tellin' yourself that you was a mom.
But how dare you try to take what you didnt help me to get?
You selfish bitch! I hope you fuckin' burn in hell for this shit!"

That's the common man in the street speaking, yelling at the three graces.. yelling at a percieved Feminisms attack on what is right and wrong.. the language it self has been attacked.. and has become complicated enfused with emotion, that is terrifying... the Cunt of Atonement... etc..

this is the piss on the fountain... only the club of shits has expanded...

Real art critics have given up mostly on doing their job. ..

comfortable academic positions... lend sleep

To Critique is to put ones head in a noose for no reason other than a sense of agonistic duty...

11 Jun:04 pm
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12 Jun:15 am
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yes in the same way an abused donkey pulls an over burdened cart, ...and then farts as a rebellious response.

cadmium hed
12 Jun:40 am
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In these whine and warteymelon daze, I find it equally lame to listen to ranting punk diatribes against the 'system' or someone like eminem braying his emotionally retarded diatribes....oh whoa, what to listen to?....
but then, recently i was imbibing aurally some of black flags poster boy antiestablishment nihilism and, well, it rocked. helped the painting too. kinda.
My battered, oh sorry, better half, cranx up Pink, sorry, PUNK, now and then and that holier/richer than thou femangst just doesn't resonate realness. Am i out of touch? last time i appreciated music as gold was a gordons album. yawn.
all bashers should start bands.
-project 4 winter people-do a song. a fucken rock opera. a medievil harp polka. whatever.
Let's show these musician upstarts what real art is.
instead of just talking about it.
Let's get that Artmosher album to number 1, yeah!

cadmium hed
12 Jun:41 am
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or not.

12 Jun 2009 3:03 pm
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Farts is a good one, but no silly joke can dispute or erase the fear that these three creates in the heart of heart land America.. you may have your art bastion pilistars... but these three are in the trenches doing the hard yards of Pranksterism, not your yuppy Greek version, but your Anachistic agitation

as for music.. Camium , you have to realsie quickly that I am not the audience.. probably you are not either.. it is like we are sitting in the gods watching a battle go on and it's amusing..
Punk was punk enough said..
for me if I wana get loos I try on a Merzbo/Masona Compilation called Flying Testical, Track 3, Romance.. 8.07minutes of FUCK YOU

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