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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TWAS BEAUTY that killed the beast

I am a lord, of some sort or another,
with time on my hands to pursue interests
varied and spectacular,
each as an expert with skill
undistinguished by the consideration of others,
for it is said by him, that "am I not an Expert
when consulting the stars and acertain their origins,
Am I not an Expert when in the face of love,
gives love,
Am I Not in these things,
what Am I in an other?'

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Tao Wells said...

When I had retuned i found taht her stitch work had indeed improved with out equal, her comment was taht the instruction book had been "quite sexist" in that it never said anything but she, and her, and woman. I asked how did it feel for that brief moment of total freedom, kind and gental to your own species, with the natural order of all things falling within the specturm of all knowing, where on is usually thrust with Binary contrasts.. related purely to reproduction.. not alywas the arts most important feature but a feature in it's many way. She replied "I remember feeling
when I read
I remember thinking that I felt guilty
that it felt nice,"