Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's happening at the moment

Well there has been an opening created in Society

Civilisation has opened up it's gates of wealth

for the common man 

the man like me who sings about their freedom

as no dream

as a deal we waged in the pasts wars on stupid things

It is not in education



or the fields of Science, important as that field is. 

The opening is disguised as a trap, 

that's what fooled me at first

but the Appearance of something 

are meant to be well

depending on the level of treasure there


Ever been to a rich persons house nad wondered how naked they 

absence of life did ring true...

I can go to prision

I can be a prision inmate

A type of criminal if you will, 

one whose traded in a life of freedom forfilling fighting for faschists

for fame filling fortunes in 

love with a stable mind in 

tranced by life

and supported by the collective wealth of

that island, 

and be supported by it, for life.

The life of the yogi, life coach, spritiual advisor , priest, Monk Gnositc, Schholar, Aesthicican, Poet, a

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