Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Live &
Let Die
Destroys all
The values
That Lennon
Aspired to inspire
In say Dear Prudence.

Sgt Pepper
To kindergarden
In Taiwan 2010
Ko ko ka choo

Some parents
Can’t control
Their kids,
They are
Amazing no
School can
Contain them
Control- these
Kids Roam free,
Kills tests…

They want to
Be first in line,
But the rebels the
Girls Bad Arses, not
For attention but just for
The Drama the shared
Skin slivers off the Block
Of Authoritarian state reality,
A made up play where
Power of everyone is handed
Over to the ‘others story’…

I feed on
Your ethical
Dilemmas, to
Feel full of the
Dialogue of
Passing linear time,

Grand Actor,
Does not
Do school
Work, it’s easy
It’s boring
And he’d mess
It up on purpose,
A dilemma for parents, the
Mess is understood,
As actual Rebellion

Cultivate the Gay
Child in your
Class, They
Can be beetles,
2 hours later
then can be Reindeers,
He was a Rhinoceros Beetle,
Not a Deer.

Ryan is
A cock
Dressed as

me I just
don’t care
at all,
you get to Lou Reed
After Elton John

Crush skull
The numb skull
Thin skull

I had me
A vision of
Similar spheres
of letting go,
It’s every television
Show you’ve ever
Known, and you get to the
end and you realize, they
don’t know shit.
I have
A world
A crazy place
One place is not enough,

your enemies
that’s love

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