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Sunday, February 14, 2010

of the 5 carrying

of the 5 carrying
Army Strong brand back packs,
Cheep made in china looking,
2 were trying hard to
grow beards,
Have you seen an 18
Year old lately – Go see
one now look at them
in the eye and then
imagine the x thousand
Heavily Armed, walking
Around a city that
Wants to kill and eat their
bones… . What condition does
a black man let alone
a short white man have
to join the army you could
see their eyes gleaming
for the sausage skin easing
over their heads.

The two with beards
were small
particularly delicate with
gentle soft movements, a
3rd was a white grunt
with a shaved head and
a misshapened skull,
you could feel his contempt
for society and his trapped
placement beneath it, a 4th
I cant remember but the
5th, white clean, severe eyebrows
lips like the puckered
lips of a cherubs
Arse hole, eyes watery
Black and empty, startled
By everything and wishing if
they could just unleash a
few rounds Around them
some of this clutter
could be cleaned up.
Made better.

The little Deer men,
with beards one black,
one white, move closer
to the puckered one,
receiving assurances, the way
sheep are moved by a
dogs presence, I’d like
to discribe this some other way,
I distinctly recall the grunt say
As he stood up, seat zone called,
“ I guess it’ too late now.”

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