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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I steal photographs

As a journalist, I pile on the facts
In all time is it said Armed with only
a pen.
I shall move the bead along a little with
Hugged only by a pen
Mind sculpted by unemployment, The Aristocratic
Unemployed. Kill the Aristocratic Unemployed.
Will you, we'll see, it perhaps
but feel it - how do you destroy a
part of yourself.

(picture your body with different areas assigned to different words, every word has a location, a place on you body, heaven, hell, Buddha, Allah, Jesus etc etc) 

So I stand in a garden built to keep
surfers away from their building, their
club house in a cold off shore, where
we have traditionally stood, they've
built a garden.

'The Comic Genius the Concords Ripped off'
2 weeks only
tickets $5 (in honor of your low wages)

Saw a woman learner surfer today,
she was waving her arms in a
fashion that she'll soon forget even
though it wa highly effective and
a hoot to watch, style Rules
dissolve all identity.

A great ride was just had
by a weak learner boy who
was perfectly positioned out of position
to pick off the wave of the heat
the day the set to squat
himself through to the semi's - the
next event, news worthy, hero

The formal problems
suggested by the surfboard
in relative popular
society today.

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