Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Plymouth. Library Steps. 3.20pm

Public Note taking - Thursday

The children of New Plymouth smoke like brow
beaten adults, who have guessed it already.
The stem like prong of the crutch reaches
the steps to go down, wearing a neck
brace, spine twisted by cerebral palsy makes
littler kids laugh like a polite bubbling
english brook. They stand waiting to
be noticed, checking phones and looking
around while real people just avoid bumping
into them, and then "Ello" - (family friend,
What you do to your hand'
yeh - fell - 'oh well',
The English is Maori toned,
that is sunshine, despite the rain.
Kids are laughing about something else
now - they are having a good time,
together, making fun a young asian
woman - 'I want to go to Hawaiiiiie"
ha ha ha, As she gets in her
4x4, 'I want to go to Hawaiiiii"
ha. ha. ha...

Smoking kids pride contact, eyebrow
raised and hands in mock salutes
touch each other as if the trench
was this long this big - this
deep - the view is that'a way
chances of getting shot today...
not to high so touch and celebrate
our brief reprieve.

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