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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trinity Essay

A guilt trip to accompany the 'abuse' of machines or a re-presentation of the deep fear a few have for a woman's ability to reproduce. Alice in Wonderland, is part of the control matrix. Setting parameters for decisions that carefully change nothing. Always invent a third and fourth option than the ones given, include "see what happens". That little girl at the end, the last to escape, the last so called 'exile" from the matrix, and by "escaping" she plugs the hole, no more escaping, she always worked for them, she is one of them, where all children work!

With a feeling of dissatisfaction that  Dot Com and other small time players are being prosecuted by Warner Bros. and others for doing what youtube does 24/7, I have down loaded the Matrix Trilogy from youtube, and edited out all the shit bits. Subjective, but I felt the story labored under a great deal of added bullshit, that I desired to see removed, while still paying respectful homage to the film and it's form. 

I added no new scenes. I didn't change the order of the shots. I only changed the length of a shot. or removed a shot entirely. Sorry for the audio glitches they were beyond my imovie 6's ability to fix.

Matrix 1: 386 cuts, 20 minutes + credits cut (approx).
Matrix 2: 324 cuts, 15 minutes + credits cut (approx).
Matrix 3: 209 cuts, 65 minutes + credits cut (approx).

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plus with the Matrix thing, it was the last film that for me really tackled in a major creative way metaphysical philosophy, and articulate it's limitations and narrative loops, and fissures. Ultimately exposing holes.

This  idea that the human ‘superman’ is manifest when unconscious, when at some high level of unconscious behavior trained by habit, the human will make something happen effortlessly that is understood to be very wonderful. The Artist, the athlete, the scientist. The factory worker asleep at the wheel.

I have somewhat attempted to resist this thought. I have tried instead to embed conscious thought into the behavior trained by habit. I have tried to become very aware, very conscious about what is the work that I do. Asking of work, what is it? (Which is your 'art of").  So what happens is only through the will being conscious of the effort that it takes to reach something understood to be wonderful.

Simultaneously I have embraced the unconscious in terms of the  wider order that this act takes place in terms of sequence. The event contributes to a line of thought unseen by my particular time and place. Meaning I accept that I can only know so much, that I can not know exactly how I am contributing towards the future. So to this future self I ask  to be reviewed. To have my order made conscious. It is this order that I intend to make wonderful, by seeing it, seeing it’s pattern, and in seeing it begin to take control of it’s shape and direction. Ultimately I feel that I am trying to collapse the Descart, Kant notion of dualities, and re-connect the unconscious to a sense of knowing. It is this 'suspended' feeling that I think has enabled us to develop language, but that now being language we will loose our body. This may have already happened. As I said I don't know our future self, but it feels like there should be room for both strands to co exist. Not one or the other.

Abstract Materialism

In reflection, the matrix philosophy to me,  is too caught up with its own material manifest, which has distracted from a bigger picture. The now. We try to extract the now into these long tales that supposedly describe. As if Life and death are bookends.  I'd like to engage with a pattern that doesn't see a big difference between life and death, doesn't judge those in polar opposites, moves from there... immortality, enlightenment , incorporation of some part of ourselves that becomes taken up into the all...  this is seen as an end goal, but I'm thinking it is inevitable, unavoidable. Not really a goal, a creation of conscious will, fused with the unconscious in a manifestation of a harmony that of course exists, in fact, is used as a stepping stone to go somewhere else. Like how wars are bonds between people seeking love being led in the means of that contact by another system that seeks to live 'off' the bonds. The problem of not seeing this 'off,' this alienation as a spiritual state, of actually wanting real change but there being the existence of real systems that simply will not enable change as that is not it's language. Change we are capable of, but are unable to render because of the way in which the problem is written and defined in the language that only makes the system that we wish to change stronger.

Trinity dies. when she does officially it is her second time. She knows what life is about at that point, it is to believe, having believed, she no longer needs to live. In fact is able to die, because she knows she has lived. It is the 'nature' of that brief window of knowledge that I'd like to "squeegee the third eye of" to bill hicks it, and ask what are the unnecessary limitations that are experienced by this woman during this part, what is the culture, what are the binds...

With the Trinity, my reedit of the Matrix I believe you see every male bias philosophy on show, you see a fundamental lack of empathy and understanding of a female experience. It's important too that Trinity makes this happen, she saves Neo's life early on, by proving her own feelings in action.

The fact that neo, the systems reboot for regaining control, (from Trinity),  kills Trinity, for her desire to be conscious while breeding. He knows that his actions will kill her, it is this that is referred to as the thing that he wants to understand, while being given a piece of sugar, and for some mysterious reason he doesn't understand why he's not turning it down.

Here is a look at the last hour of "Trinity" the movie. Every scene in which she appears from 3:30 where she is rescued from a fake death to 4:30, where she actually dies. A period I'm calling her so called period of "enlightened knowledge" with her "implanted" belief manifest in Neo and not herself and/or a wider group of people. In this 'heightened state of focused being" , where love and madness are indistinguishable, where genius, originality etc is born. Let us see the path she 'chooses' to take with all this power, in other words the path the authors wished her to take.

Begins with:
1. Beaten by a Smith, then shot at falling out of a skyscraper, while Neo talks to the father, watching her being beaten.
2.Caught by flying Neo, kissed on top of a building.
3. Meet with the others, Neo tells them everything ends in 24 hours. That the ‘prophecy” wasn’t true, that the war would go on.
4. Trinity asks Neo “what are we going to do” He replies “I don’t know”
5. Ship attacked they abandon it, it is blown up, then Neo attacks the machines and is knock unconscious.
6. Rescued by others, she sits by Neo’s side, in a medical place in another ship.
7. She falls asleep on Neo, another woman medic brings her some food.
8. Trinity sees that Neo’s mind is behaving as if it is in the Matrix.
9. They get a call to come into the matrix to see the oracle.
10. Trinity instead of returning again to the Oracle to help find Neo in the matrix, decides for the group that they will not do that and instead go directly to the French Man. With no particular plan.
11. They kill their way into the French Mans club, where he offers them a deal, the eyes of the oracle for Neo. French man - “Bring me the eyes of the oracle and I will give you back your savior, that seems like a perfectly reasonable deal to me, yes? No?” Trinity says “I don’t have time for this shit” puts a gun to his head, which results in one being placed against hers, and says “You want to make a deal, how bout this, you give me Neo, or we all die, right here, right now”. FM “Interesting deal, you are really ready to die for this man”, Trinity, cocking gun “believe it”. Other woman “she’ll do it, if she has to, she’ll kill everyone of us, she’s in love”. FM “it is remarkable how similar the pattern of love is to the pattern of insanity”. Trinity “ Times up, what’s it going to be Merv”
12. Just as Neo starts to figure out how to save himself, she arrives alone on the train, picks him up, runs to him, big hug and kiss.
13. Back in the Matrix, Neo tells trinity that he can’t leave yet.
14. Trinity sits silently in on interrogation of massacre survivor (and smith, program virus plant). Who says he doesn’t remember anything.
15.  Trinity attends meeting to create a plan to get back to the human city (for what?). Neo arrives and asks for a ship to go to the Machine city.
15. Trinity packs her bag, goes to Neo “I’m ready, I know you don’t think you are coming back, I knew it the moment you said you had to leave, I could see it in your face, just like the moment you looked at me, that I was coming with you. Neo, “I’m scared Trin”. “So am I, it took me ten minutes to buckle up one boot. Six hours ago, I told the Marvinchian that I was ready to give anything and everything for you. Do you know what’s changed in the last six hours? Nothing.” Hug, kiss.
16. Says thank you to random other crew person.
17. Ship stalls, thinks it’s a fuse goes to fix it herself.
18. Is attacked by Smith, “I should have known he’d send his bitch” She beats him and escapes, but warning Neo is knocked out.
19. Held by Smith, she tells Neo to shoot “ If you don’t he’ll kill us both”. Smith agrees with her logic. Neo puts down the weapon.
20.  Smith pushes Trinity tied up into another room. and points the gun at Neo. Trinity free’s binds using broken glass.
21. Chooses to try her luck and pull a fuse to cut the lights “this is it, it’s got to be”.
22. Goes dark just as smith fires gun.
23. Neo blinded in fight, trinity say “oh no’ to his screams and waits locked in room (i guess?).
24. Reunited with Neo, “oh no your eyes”, Neo “it’s ok, but I think you’ll have to drive” (Even though he can see in a new/ different way).
25.  Trinity pilots the “Logos” along the three power lines leading from the field of human batteries to the machine city.
26. Faced with the machines weapons, Trinity asks Neo” Do you see what’s out there’ Neo; “Yes”. Trin:  “if you tell me we’ll make it I’ll believe you”. Neo says: “We’ll make it”. She takes Neo’s offered hand and holds it while driving and being shot at.
27. “Come on Neo I need help here, what do we do? Go over them. She pulls with one hand on the controls and goes up over the war and gets a glimpse of the sun, is impressed, but quickly re entering the clouds her resolve gets back to business.
28. Tries to start the ship, which has lost power. Succeeds by following Neo’s advice of going slower, the ship turns on just as it crashes. Pinning Trinity with several objects.
29. Neo can see the city of light all around him but can’t see Trinity, he finds her following her voice. She tells him that he has  “already shown me so much” and that he must go on, and finish things, that she believes he will.  Neo replies that she can’t die. “Yes I can”. Do you remember on that roof after you caught me. (Tao edit, Trin’s last words).

Not exactly the list of someone I feel is awake, profoundly awake and driven by a knowledge of what it is to believe yourself and to make your own options, before you make your own decisions. What options did she create for her self?

I'm basically saying that while engagin with a lot of impt Phil, there's a definitive lack of feminist critical thought, ensuring that ultimately we get the status quo affirmation.

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