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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

White Fungus, - Get your hand out of my mouth, I'd like to bite the ghost of the left, liberal arts.

The fact that Dame Jenny is upset with New Zealand's representation at Venice this time round is a very positive sign. New Zealand art has been under the thumb of the Dame and her ex Alan Gibbs for far too long. It would be difficult to concoct a more insidious influence on New Zealand art if one tried. I think New Zealanders should get behind Denny's exhibition at Venice. It is succeeding where mainstream politics has failed us.
  • Roger Boyce Well said young son.
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  • Ron Hanson it's something to look forward to. I haven't had any interest in NZ at Venice for a while.
  • Wells Tao yeah but maybe only in an kind of way. Which is to say business as usual with no effect anywhere.
  • Wells Tao But please don't let me rain on your parade of 'defiance". Got to have those positive signs
  • Ron Hanson Wells Tao you have a great critique to bring to these things but sometimes it feels like competitiveness, ego, and dare i say it, a touch of jealousy cloud your vision. Denny is getting it done. i would love to see you do the same.
  • Wells Tao leave it out Ron, your as bad as the rest!
  • Wells Tao You've ignored the content of my above argument to ad hominime and spin. Why? Get on with it man, out with it. Engage in what I am saying or fuck off
  • Ron Hanson if you can leave your ego at the door i'd be happy to engage in this conversation with you
  • Ron Hanson looks like ego is still at the forefront to me. it's a shame because it undermines all the great things that you bring to this
  • Wells Tao Why do you get to keep your ego and everyone else has to be ego less, How about you deal with what ever has been bothered enough to present. And we'll start there.
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  • Wells Tao yeah i have an ego, but it is not with out humility.
  • Ron Hanson come on you're making me laugh
  • Wells Tao that's a start
  • Wells Tao you never come out of your tower Ron, unless it's screaming foul murder, but I like that about you
  • Wells Tao I don't hold it against you, though sure I sometimes do
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  • Ron Hanson ego's good when you're in control of it and producing the work to back it up
  • Wells Tao I am genuinely more interested in what you are contributing to, argument wise, than you ego which is enormous, but so what.
  • Ron Hanson finally something is happening in NZ art that is relevant, but as usual, it's all about you
  • Wells Tao Um no, I have an opinion about it from my experience. Is that ok?
  • Ron Hanson if you had pulled off your talk with Geofrey Palmer then perhaps we could talk about this, but you don't execute and then you blame everything on others
  • Wells Tao Oh fuck you Ron, you have no idea that even existed except that I told you
  • Ron Hanson because it doesn't exist. you failed to deliver, once again
  • Wells Tao And to suggest that there is only one kind of success is your facshit side showing. I work on projects, multiple projects at the same time at. Not all of them come to fruition, but the work is still worth it. I can't believe how bias you are towards me. Sucks Ron Hanson
  • Wells Tao I pulled off a talk with Chris Kraus, I'm sorry, jealous much?
  • Ron Hanson you pulled it off to some extent, and that was one of your best moments (and i guess you'll be talking about that for the rest of your life, while others produce work) but my comments are the result of a long period of disappointment, and now Denny is ...See More
  • Wells Tao I doubt that you've read any of the arguments contained in the links above, which represent years of research and lived practice. And why would you, everything I'm doing contradicts your idea of success, which is mainstream.
  • Ron Hanson of course not, i'm busy and you haven't made the case for why i should i prioritize your blog. even this discussion is distracting me from an interview i'm trying to pull off with an artist in Mexico, but i feel it is worth making these comments for th...See More
  • Wells Tao I asked you to support me with the critique on University Artist Fraud, a major work that has kept me busy, but you have offered nothing but silence. Why ? Because this idea is not true? Not relevant? Or because it threatens to cut you off from the MS that you have spent so long climbing up the backs of?
  • Wells Tao Nice Bush Quote Ron, "you're either with us, or against us" you haven't got the brains to be anti-captialist Ron, Enjoy being a stooge.
  • Ron Hanson ok, we'll have to end it here. i've got things i need to get onto, but i'm glad we've had this chat
  • Wells Tao good to clear the air.
  • Ned Wotherspoon Clear the air...?!
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  • Wells Tao Just for the record I too am a strong supporter of Denny's project, and work in general, and feel grateful for being inspired to offer my two cents about it.
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  • Wells Tao Let me be the first/last to admit, let it be tattooed on my forehead forevermore that I am not nor ever will be a successful big time artist. Can I then have the right to explore what I am? Can I articulate ideas about the market I am not of, the society I what, flirt with? am used by? Can I be pissed off about not having the work I do valued, with material wealth? Will that ever be ok to do, at the same time, perhaps not deserving of being valued with material wealth? Can I try and learn why? Can I ? Huh? Huh? (Sung to the tune of 'the sun will come out tomorrow, by little orphan annie, do Daddy War-bucks) Can I feel that even though my work is not valued with material wealth, that it is in fact far more valuable than that system of measurement.
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  • Lee Ann Meyenberg sadly I didn't even have to try to concoct a more insidious influence on nz art.
  • Wells Tao As i said somewhere in the above links, I feel that I am connected, somewhat a representative of the so called radical left (which to me was center right left but who's looking). What I feel Denny's work has done is conjure an idea of mythical labour voter that once would have supported Mana for example. What is interesting is that this audience doesn't seem to actually exist, except as a convenient utopian myth, greasing the wheels of "easy living' for the 1%, to put it bluntly. Could be a point , no?

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