Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Friday, January 30, 2015

yeah but what if the silence from the powerful Left, 25 years of state paid university artists that don't promote their fragile public sponsorship, guarantees an erosion in public trust and a vacuum of power that is the culture of fear and hysteria?

It was when I started to practice core democratic behavior (as an experiment, to see, reflect the assumed system and see what was actually there), not as special one off events, but brutally consistent participation in what was going on and questioning critiquing and protesting against abuses of power all the time, everyday as simply a normal way of existing. Under a truly democratic context. As a reasonable, logical extension of my self, my bought and sold, debt slaved, work tested, political self. That it was made very very clear to me that I was not only wrong to do so, but in the wrong environment.

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