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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Face of Pain

dedicated to the teenage soldier operating the mosquito drone that suicided into my eye just before I went to post this, delaying the posting crucially till after the Hamas vote. Causing me to enter the kitchen, where after washing out the body I ate a fresh cherry

How it is a nice thing, that everyone is on edge
because that is one thing we all have in common
we are all just on the edge of not handling life very well,
but this is the best we are doing, and that is the norm, everyone
smiling and saying hello, behind a wall of terror of the coming collapse
that so far hasn’t happened. Which importantly is part of the belief that it still could.

walking the supermarket, after a fight emotionally exhausted, on edge numb, but needing to pull through to pick up some essentials, I look around at the other people to see if they are looking at me, to see if they noticed, and instead I took solace in the fact that they were in the same state as me,  happy.  I then marvel at how calm my pain can just exist, lost amongst the appearances.

the face of pain,
the appearance of happy
difficult to tell apart if you
want to lie

need to lie to live
on the edge with common cherry eating

Written with Laura Wells, 2015

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