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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Community Conceptualist, neither for or against, but a look at the particular system of reason, of juxtaposition being used to create context.

"I believe that, the true artists of our times, are the politicians and PR companies and the Lobby groups that are creating the frames for how we interpret reality" - Tao Wells
  • Mike Nixon Nah, please can I disagree, there might be elements of imagination and creativity but they are working for the "man" and besides which, given that, their frame of reference is fucked. But respect for that statement , it sounds authoritive, and The Beneficiarys Office was a brave and noble frame to view their reality.
    • Wells Tao Of course disagree. It's my opinion, my experience. It's hard to admit that the practice of art is cut off at both ends, channeled materialism, cause the reality snaps the neck off such a beautiful fantasy.
    • Wells Tao Of course disagree, but what a world we would be if those that dissented understood the question! Forget "what is art?" Try what is it the art of, see, this way everyone is an artist, and instead of waiting for a revolution in your art cell, politely roped off, you get to join the action! Be actually dangerous
    • Mike Nixon Yeh ! He says from the comfort of his virtual frame of reference !
    • Wells Tao what does that even mean?
    • Wells Tao

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  • Sean Anthony Hammond No way. what dottle. I agree with Mike. No one can even compare with Stalin or Beria if Politicians are to called artists in our time then the Great masters have been and gone . proven total arses and criminals. Artists are not like this. Leonardo would say FOOLS he would call them the shit beneath his shoes. bless him
  • Barry Thomas 100% incorrect... they have always spun their tripe... the artists see through it... like Kafka. The wielding of power doth not an artist make.
  • Wells Tao Art is a done deal, it's in the bank, it's a fantasy of creativity but I prefer to move on. Art is like the pupae stage, you are neither alive or dead, which is why that being so classically 'ambivalent' makes so much money. Well for my money the real deal is propaganda, believing in something and having the guts to sell it openly. I still make art, but I am not longer an artist. You can decide as usual what my work is. But I know what I am.
  • Wells Tao What I am proposing is that "art" as generally understood is a childhood and being an artist is simply a step to evolve into something more free, more dangerous, more able to express itself and pay for that expression transparently. Perhaps Rimbaud is a cliche'd example but it is one that comes to mind. When i think of those whose art has enriched my life, the fact that they were artists is the least important thing. The work is all transformation. The work never stopped, never stopped searching for traction. They turned themselves inside out to keep a grip of that running tiger. I want to leave this church but take you all with me. We'll see.
  • Francois Le Eggleton An artist is someone that makes art, everyone else is just a blowhard!
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    • Sean Anthony Hammond Everyone is an artist! some are stars.
    • Sean Anthony Hammond Thee is a LOT of really bad art out there. Its not really ART.
    • Wells Tao I'd rather be a blow hard than an artist, little piggies won't seduce me down their chimneys I just nibble.
    • Wells Tao Everyone is an artist! Is not praise, it's a sentence. An artist is responsible for what they make. WHO IS THAT? The system renders us victims of perpetual hypocrisy. To stand against requires the promotion of afforded social privileges. graduate from art with economic transparency, and a title that confuses the machine!
    • Francois Le Eggleton there is no system, forget everything you think you know and just do your shit! i'm tired of every industry, i don't care for gate keepers or whatever they call themselves, i'm just doing my work. i don't care if anyone says it or hears it, it's mine anyway!
    • Sean Anthony Hammond A very Insecure blowhard who needs some education.
    • Francois Le Eggleton what me? what for just working on my own stuff? Ok mr Big shot
    • Wells Tao I know like that guy needs to get an education
    • Francois Le Eggleton Purely for that comment, i'm changing the meaning of blowhard in my mind as a compliment, so thanks buddy!
    • Wells Tao Clearly threatened, by little ol big bad wolf!
    • Wells Tao identifies as a little piggie
    • Francois Le Eggleton Does he mean education as a hiding?
    • Sean Anthony Hammond What is ART is a certain socially constructed thing that a certain number of people need to agree on. There are certain tests you can do to see if what you are looking at is in fact ART. You ask firstly " who's it made by or who has chosen it " you may ask " where are you looking at it, is it in an Art gallery?, You can thank Du champ for that one...Ernst Gombrich said there is no such thing as art , only artists' so you may like to learn about him . Art definition can be blurry . such as in Photography. If a photo is large and worth a few 1000 then its art LOL. Artists are kind of the stars of capitalism. the research labs of Neo libralism lol well thats the art market not the artists im just making a joke from memory of Hundreds of readings and researched things I have studied whilst preparing my Thesis. anyway . Artists positon to economic situation is a valid indicator also.,Art is now more about timeliness and less about timelessness. Being in the moment is good. DONT try to be classical or something. Be your now.Universal values will be there in your work if your good and lucky , so be in your now. What makes AN ARTIST is validation. You need your voice , you need people to look at your work and say " that is a " so and so " painting or whatever . The micro niche that is your special indicator of YOU. the art world can be a pomposity and a joke sometimes but unless your a GENIUS untrained outsider artist ( ive only met one ) then you are just a dabbler and need to become a bohemien trainee and get educated . Once your part of the education and qualification and arts practice monster you LOOSE all outside artist status ( only for a few by the way . Only the best can ever dream of calling themselves and Outsider artist ) Its really IMPORTANT that NOT just anyone can walk in and just claim it - the "I AM an artist thing "-. There is a keeper at the gate. The Label is a deeply visceral thing, One can be told " you are by someone in art authority. There are too many bitter egotistical wannabe art minded folk out there. This is important. Its a hard won status and not to just be thrown around by wanna bees' and egotists. But OMG who knows what you have to do to get it. People recognise my work but I'm not making any money and I'm not famous. If the artist calls the thing art, then he/she needs authority and needs to prove it and keep it.
    • Sean Anthony Hammond Im going to do the dishes now and ive finished talking with YOU.
    • Wells Tao the question what is art is not a real question, the question is what is it the art of.
    • Francois Le Eggleton i write and play music.. My work is not going to be in a gallery, so i guess i'm not an artist.

      i've been working on a piece that speaks of...
    • Wells Tao Yeah who is the wannabe, he's like I went to school, I'm an artist. No now you are an obedient pet. Which artist are. As I said before, let's drop the tag, present the work unadorned by fake cultural capital, especially given that it is so fucked. Let's look at the work and see if it flies, before booking tickets.
    • Wells Tao Also Sean, I have a Masters in Fine Arts from Massey university, I taught there for five years, and have had a solo show at Peter McLeavey by his request at his Gallery (so good!) in Wellington. How you like them apples?
    • Francois Le Eggleton i'm going to own the word, words are what the establishment use to get rid of "the other"!
    • Wells Tao yeah there's that line of thinking for sure. But there is also power in being that 'other' clearly a small demonstration here, i'm leaving DON"T LEAVE, etc etc.. if the other isn't interested that creates a power vacuum. And that is intereting. My biggest critique of 'outisder art' is that it doesn't try to be outside enough, always looking for validation in the market and mainstream art circuit. So sad. It's outisde! it made it.. for somereason the gate keepers of that scene or maybe it's the makers, all want them to face back in, instead of keep looking OUT!
    • Sean Anthony Hammond I like the credentials. you sound bitter tho. you sure you didnt cheat?
    • Sean Anthony Hammond and you should be smarter than to sound so childish.
    • Wells Tao You sound new to Facebook
    • Wells Tao

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  • Barry Thomas Art must inevitably sort chaff from wheat... it's a philosophic cum linguistic - even conscience thing... propaganda, however, willfully knows what is true and is paid... (they call this mercenary) to spin bullshit... this all adds up to art being moral really... not selling chaff as muesli mate.
    • Wells Tao my point is that does art not sort the chaff from the wheat. Art is not moral. That is spin. I'd rather take spin, which is more moral.
    • Mike Nixon I'd grudgingly agree with you there Tao is unfortunately , I have used to think it was somehow noble, but no more so than many other fields, can you separate the artist from the art tho ?. Should art have a moral or ethical message ? That is what Chinese Premier Xi ? Was saying recently, should art say nothing just be a reflection of the person and society it was created around ?
    • Wells Tao I'm all for art as reflection, with or with out message, financial value etc etc. What I am advocating is a graduation, a sense of perspective that shifts the usual hierarchy of 'art' at the top, and see's it more as a intermediate stage before graduation. The idea is all intertwined with the views that everyone is an artist, notice your audience, take responsibility for your work, and ask what is it the art of? It is my opinion that art as known is a conceptual barrier for engaging with the very real forms of new media messages that don't fit cultural art stereotypes. i.e the example of PR. The game had been bigger than the market allows for along time. We know this. time to start changing the dialogue around it. A good way to do this I'm suggesting is, sure make art, don't call it that, and don't call your self an artist. Anything else would be more interesting more relative. More risky. And while you are at it expose the economics of your production.
    • Barry Thomas OK - attempting the decoding, translation. You seem to be advocating 'everyone is an artist' and or everyone can be 'the artist'.

      That's fine but one must at some point have some kind of creative breakthrough. In any example of any kind of breakthrough one must at that moment be alone, be somewhat removed from one's fellows and even though someone or many others might make something very similar around that time one must find that at some point one makes something quite unique. Here we find that the 'creative' or 'artist' has stepped into his/her unknown and found something fresh. She/he is usually rewarded with some cocktail of endorphins or somesuch to eureka this experience.

      What I am saying is... at this moment one is alone, one has created and in a sense one has followed one's instincts into this new insight, a revelation if you will. Some also call this vision. At this moment or soon after others see this thing and have a choice - to be moved by the vision wrapped in its fabric or reject it. Some simply adopt it - and some for many years hold it dear.

      I think this is called leadership... firstly of oneself and then of the subsequent seers, viewers, audience.

      I absolutely agree the economics of any worl should be fully exposed... again - to oneself in the first instance and then to all to see the costs, beneficiaries, patrons, and otherwise hidden contracts at work in the resourcing and making, distributing matrix. Film for example relies on the most complex technologies on the planet... to make cameras. Huge multinational corporations are dead central to this matrix. So unless one strips the process to the bone anyone making anything that involves the semmlingly simplest technologies... like any metal, plastics etcy etcy are beholden to that system that creates the resource... in effect are paying for its existence and evolution... playing ball with that market.

      Thus spake b'art homme
    • Wells Tao

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  • Richard West bullshit? As in bullshit artists

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