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Sunday, April 28, 2013

RElational Aesthetics, the inside story

Let's be clear about this, universities teach a lot of art and not all of the students are stupid. It was perfectly clear to any one with half a self taught education that Warhols heir, in fact Duchamps match, was Bueys. His formula was the most daring since it involved the economics of art, something Duchamp started and Beuys as i said. This left racial dicrimination to be a liquid characteristic equal to any paint name, put another way the gallery was now hostile to Art ad Artists who practiced with an awareness of Beuys wholeistic economic models for art. To be in a Gallery. living undead, symbol of Western platonic imperialism,  was to draw attention to your market difference, and here minorities, the once artist, no  more is given currency. See it as the crack inthe glass that lets out smoke, this act was defiant, making thai noodles ad sharing that with an invited audience was radical because it was like real life in a way we don't like, we don't want difference. This scares us. SO the very smug familarity of Relatioinal aesthitc projects should wrn you that this is trying to choak you with the bile of a blocked system. Those that use this strategy, curators, advertisers, Politicans are asked to stand under examination for the ability to seem relatively bullshit free, ego is checked ad if a speck of self servingness crosses and tips the line, the show , the project, what ever is a total wreck, not an art work. Less than an art work, the scraps of Hanna Hochs collages.

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