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Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Argument with the self entitled middle class, of which I am no longer a member Being inhuman.

so the mother on welfare has another child to get more money, so the mother on welfare has the doctor prescibe their child with ritalin to qualify with a benefit bonus… LEts hold up the number of people doing this, lets examine the statistics of these people… and tehn lets dare dobely dare tripple to put these people into context. what context the wider one that you so eagerly seem to insist doesn't exist. What is big business today.. what is politics. What is the industry that feeds the rich and stands the poor on their heads in wonder.. worshipping their own drudgery.. and the robbery of a future worth living in.. envionmentally… socially.. locally… NOw take the atmosphere that is contemproary living at the bottom  of a pile that offically has no future. no leader offering better deals.. only more of the same you debt is forever.. you do not own your self… you are part of the state.. and what do you do… for the bottom they rip their freedom from a nipple sewn into their mouths at birth.

These people are at the bottom of it all and yet we hold the few hundred that have cracked under the weight of us all, that's right all our hopes and dreams pined to the metal of that war obssessed 12 yearold chest.. refusing to talk to his father out of repect to his dead self who un resurected rots and is the stink in his breth when he kissses you good night… THese people lost in the number crunchers prejudice.. the 1% who are held accountable caught as they are between our fore fingers we squeaze to see our own festering oozze… and lick thee fingers clean to savour uch a sweet victory.. over daddy… mommy… nuclear falluot industrial bomb life that ripped off our arms and stashed them in the oven of paradise promised just round the corner on yur holiday you know the one you take every year, that touch of the the good life you are allowed to touch, througt this mummy daddy idea of you being good enough , having earned it, sat at the table long enough now you can eat your desert… but you didn't eat tyou rvegetable now finish all of those before you get the full dose of your medicine, keep that fix runing high keep that thirst empty and gullable and thirsty… and here we are back at the beginning where you wer telling me how the poor and beaten in the head so much they actually worship your abuse, eat your mcdonalds smke your crack kill themselves in sports just so your industry can be served even better by theri glorious death.. oh the cross of too much excess baggage.. can't process so out with the old and in with the new…

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