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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

100% LInen Tea Towel, Domestic Art Product & Cameron Mckechnie

"Yeah but nah" - Pretty much kiwi slang!
can always keep adding that too the power
have someone else do it on some one else's behave and add a person each iteration like an art chain letter
should be physical I believe and in person as well
The digital art worlds mana is different from real world mana that is for sure
well watch that you don't appreciate your audience... cartoon guys say that a lot.. makes me wonder if they notice people like them
well that is top down I suppose
bottom up is another story
since we are containers of experience and recycled experience
I like to focus on the basics and work from the bottom up
of course, me too
and also its important too intellectualize some times, especially coding / math but not to forget it as an emotional experience as well, obviously internalised
we seek patterns
and for a while now I have a thesis of the human brain works by generating a hudge amount of randomness
(hence the statistical effect of witnessing the marble board and its not a complete statistical curve in the catch tray)
and it is used to encoded our experiences
so we seek order being encrypted with chaos
and it is also the most difficult thing to create
true randomness is an expensive mathematical calculation
and givin a set of options, the one most likely too be simulated by a small program is always an optimal solution, hypothetically saying
as a get for authenticity of the human soul outside the illusion of memory
well seeking "an authentic living experience" for another wording

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