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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When we’re laughing at you…

Saturday’s DomPost Diary (not on-line) reports :
When actress Chelsie Preston Crayford spotted Prime Minister John Key at a recent event, she leapt at the opportunity to get a photo with him – not because she’s a fan. Preston Crayford recalls: “I just saw an opportunity and asked him for a photo. In fact I had to ask him for it twice because the first time mum (film-maker Gaylene Preston) had her finger over the lens. Preston Crayford told your Diarists that there was a political motive to the snap in that she felt it summed up her objections to the National-led Government’s partial sales of state assets and amendments to the food bill.
Good on her for showing what many others feel."

 story lifted completely with a slight change of the headline from : The Standard 

I'm not stupid

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