Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Bachelor of Fine Arts Masters of Fine Arts
University of anti transformation
date stamped and titled, occupation
awake to run the steps
bomb strapped balance up the guts

you made me, you're broken
wages of fear
$13 on hour
moral support to model support
you are a model, I am a model
to re-press your packages wait forever

that's a cheese grater
on your arm
that's your flesh on our pizza
hold still,

lives of shelves no
no customers
no point in buying anything
the hungers fake

production collapses the empty theater
into a airless surface
to coat the lungs of the chil who tears one
for a splif, todays main meal

Model doesn't have opinion
model just wears the clothes
and is shot bleeding life
from it's individual accomplishment
into the trough of capital accumulation.
thanks, you'r already boring

how you are how you live
has no worth, means nothing, has no value
you will deliver the product or you do not get paid
we tell you what to wear, what to saay and how to say it
you drive the delivery


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