Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Thursday, January 12, 2012

While using her we give her pleasure

the feminist hole
the quicker he comes the sooner we're free, the longer we dont cum the longer the pleasure we are paying for lasts

Old Man splattered
watching the cum of some young man
spasm ejected from the tip of the cock, lying
soft prick against the nights sky, pink tip, purple,
erected against the night skys
eyes, a tent of culture,
the beast is invited in
to set the example, model behavior
to denigh it's nature and behave, or be nature
and punish, try staging the thought, that
the beast charges against the order of your house, not the house,
charges are laid against the way in which you keep house, you are in denial
your beast hates you,

what if the second you meet deaths true nature as a child you form an alchemical crystallization of your life in all it's intricate desires paths and developments, as in that moment you experience all of your life simultaneously as an instant that then is played out over linear time. A conceived Homeric journey or a Freudian fixed myth. This moment of meeting death, and seeing all of your life, is a moment glossed over by culture and any other individual... we are taught to not know.. to forget, to live in ignorance, as if freedom was a chain that you attach yourself.

I like to get fucked in the arse, just out of the shear pleasure
of doing some thing different, to break up the settling into monotony
to throw a spanner into the works
that brings back my attention
brings back my fine tuning
into the others
peoples psyche
screaming and howling
under the influence of touch

the night i fell for a slut
was when she licked my arse hole
something i didnt want my wife to have to do, and given that she was not inclined
the slut with her more aggresive sexuality, licked my arse hole in the course of normal things, her maculine feminity, in that she possessed what men find extremely attractive but in a female body, in a female decesion of touch, this focus on pleasure and all it's boundless decesions of endless boundaries.. the deliberate leadership inspired my to fuck the slut hard and with a caring of a sports men
doing awesome for his team, king or country.. I was in court fucking the pantry, the treausry or what ever bounty was in need of picking, harvesting... missery, happiness alike... amazing

she took two dicks last night, next time it will be a hell of a lot more...
were going to fuck her into a coma than back up again, out into counsciousness then back out again... for a whilt, till she tells us to stop, or we can tell she was us to stop.

and everythign i do makes her harder, wetter, and my dick harder and wetter


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