Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Thursday, January 12, 2012

two Trees

We speak at a church,
the outside night air, is holy
try walking away from the night sky
yeah , youve entered the church now
there's only preachin
whose the god lord, who'se it gonna be
you praticing your voodoo on me
and I practicing the higher callling
on you, I sell to you later, and you profit now from callin gme a fer, but soon, you'll collapse in to my arms exhausted you ll see how my work
point sout the folooy of your ways,
though your ways pay for my work,

Two Trees
in the night stand above you calling to your dark thoughts
of possibilities, difficult to
scren out, as the darkness of the thoughtpenetrated the desire for another
insight into what is there... that glorious
darkness the one with a billion billion dark suns, pin prick of shivering
extasy down teh diamond crusted skin folicle, ice on the hair of a nipple, glistening
by the pale moon light,
all things bathed in silver
send me away,


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