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Thursday, January 12, 2012

let me tell you haw everything is

at this moment
things have fallen apart
a little thrown around
and on top of one antoher
things are a little fallen a part
there is Lauras coat on top of the
rolled up foam rubber, a yellowy green
raw sponge rolled in a spiral
with some clear plastic tape wrapped around it
to hold it from up spirialing
the tape taped against
itself, with it's shiny
noon stick surfaces
to the out side, forming a band
around the foam, with the camel hair
coat drapes, sculpturally on it's peaky
end. there's her purse under my desk chair
that i tried to move away, sitting
down, but the strap trapped
under the wheels i could
move it only to by my feet 90 degrees

wh'd want a degree

then there is the jug of white glue
PVA on my right hand side, like a thirst quencher
red bottle cap, then there's the pringles,
with half filled contents, original flavored
stacked on top of the 400gs of locally made drinking chocolate
both containers are round with soft plastic lips that snap shut over steal like rims
real pleasure.

sofa cushions in the space that is our hall way, all foot and a half of it
still there they stack against the sides, promising a mid night kick, a toe, just slightly
mis kicked crooked, click, sore, bone snapping not really
just that enjoyable click, the soft kick, also, Laura's paintings
of meaty flesh stripped of meaningful skin against the other wall
of our hall way,Painting ! meter but &0cm's on hard board, with a smaller
collage on a thick wooden frame.

a roll of newsprint, thick
luxurious, endless roll
get on get one
stands sentinel, monolithic against the corner of this woobily
desk, science school room bench, cut down to a desk, its formaica egg shell
turquoise, with wooden trim, black square steal legs and frame, a real joy of simplicity. So covered in batteries, rubbers, lighters, paint scissors, cards, books, hats, lamps, pies, wallets, notes, speakers, pens, note books,


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