Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Thursday, January 12, 2012


if i don't take the money
the whores will abandon me
murder me
have me killed
burnt a live
at the stake
killed like a dog, put down
amongst the rushes
at the end, by the side of the road

There'd be no future for me
with out taking the money
making the money
down the regular mill rd.
down the way of the yungtzze
by the way of the brutal lust
burgers and fries

If I fail to take the money
from the baby, let'm suck on it get a taste for it
then snatch it away and watch im cry, paralyzed stoned
by the appraent cruelty you have in such abundance have stored,
such religious curiosity to the might of brutality that god yourself
is impressed by this wit of daring decision, intellectual pioneering.

So I don't take the money and just as the whores remember to kill me
I'm burned by the pariah martyr sacrifice community of which i had no idea I had belonged. Do you know that word we have for see it coming and decide to run up the guts, hope to head off the pass as the last second drops, save the game, a hero born from the corpse of dead man. Not me, you won't catch me swingin in the trees, no golden cage
no station I won't refuse.

I'm not playing your game and I'm not playing yours.
I'm doing my own thing and you can fuck off if you don't want to play mine.
I will keep trying to attract you to what I am doing by just doing it. With more madness on show than you feel comfortable with, hell I'm not comfortable with
it but that's not the point, I am uncomfortable with your bottle of bent secrets tucked under your touge slipping out all over the room, the way I have to pretend it's not a mile thick over everything. Your refusal to see your self as normal
drowning me in bullshit, you acting normal and taking the high ground.

so if you dont take the money you won't be balanced
the witches on one side the whores on the other...
ok they are both on one side and the men on the other..
or there's the i dont care side and the I care side
and to care means to make money
and to not means to be poor
I don't
there's no leaving your stupid game
so don't talk to me
don't talk to me
don't even look at me

stupid game, why are you so mean.
you don't impress me, you think you beat me
you don't scare me
I know what I am afraid of and it eats you for brekfast
I fuck all of yall, Fuck all of yall.
and you don't even feel it
I slip my steal so far up the pillow lining of your gut
have you opened and spilling like a cut sack of grain
your so easy, don't know what is
wealthy and what's nice
just a sucker
waiting for the baby to replace the candy
you've mistaken for a life.

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